Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bumper Sticker Magnets!

This isn't a food related post, but it does have to do with the kitchen! I feel like I never have enough magnets on the fridge in the kitchen. We had a few bumper stickers lying around the house that I had wanted to make into magnets. They could be used in the kitchen or put on the back of your car!

The Mod Podge I had in the house already, but I believe it is about $3. The magnet strip (3 total) were $6.

The magnet sheets were rolled up in the box, so I had to use my nifty jars to hold it down flat. Peel the back off of your sticker and place it right onto the magnet sheet. I put two onto the same sheet.

Take the Mod Podge and put it over the sticker. You could put it on only the edges, but I put it over the entire sticker. If I wanted to put it on my car, I want it to be protected.

Place the sheet to the side to dry. I placed it up on the window. It was beautiful out today, so it allowed for a nice warm area for the sheet to dry.

Next step, after the stickers have dried is to cut it out! The first two I did had to do with beer! One is from Victory Brewing Company and the other is a bumper sticker that Ian received when he became part of the Homebrew Association.


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